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ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ You're now entering Moonlit Blossom...

✩‧₊˚ kiki's space ✧.*

hello web traveler, and welcome to Moonlit Blossom! you can call me Kiki and this is what i like to compare to my digital diary (or as an alternative, you can consider this my empire made out of cardboard boxes, a plush army and pillows)

this site doesn't have a proper purpose, it's more of a bunch of HTML lines with graphics thrown here and there and incoherent ramblings just because it's fun

so here's my little web page, made with glitters, magic, and a bit of html skill B)

(i swear i'm done with the rainbow words)

i hope u like it here!! enjoy your stay and have fun ♡

what's been going on here lately?


now get flooded with graphics

(these dont even have a meaning, just random graphics thrown here. it literally said it above)

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